Pin Ups

I like a good cover song as much as the next guy. But seriously, an album of them? David Bowie’s Pin Ups is just that – an album full of cover songs.

Sure, they’re interesting choices. Some of them are even very good. But you can’t just record a bunch of covers and call it an album. Even if you’re David Bowie. Side note: you definitely can’t cover a full album of another artist. I’m looking at you Ben Lee.

If you take Bowie out of the equation, listening to Pin Ups is really like listening to any cover-band outside of a licensed venue – a mistake. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that it’s boring.

Every band covers songs they love in order to learn to recreate the same feeling themselves. This is called learning how to play music. And maybe, just maybe, if there’s a particular song that you just nail – and it hasn’t been done to death, then you can put that song on an album. As a bonus track. So I can ignore it.

Obviously I’m biased. I didn’t start this project to listen to The Easybeats. It’s hard enough to keep up with Bowie’s own songs, let alone have to listen to a bunch of other artists I am guiltily aware I should be more familiar with.

But I think I’m justified in my fury. It is self-indulgent to just pump out other people’s songs and assume people will like it just because you did it. And while I have to listen to it, I don’t have to give you the play-by-play. So that is all you’re getting in relation to Pin Ups.

Onto a more substantial topic, I have some terrible, earth shattering news: I broke the screen of my phone yesterday. Well, not technically me. I handed it to a band-mate so that she could look up directions, and it hit the deck.

No biggie, I thought, that’s why I keep a case on it that juts up slightly at the edges. Nope. Doesn’t help if it falls on a rock. I teared up a little over the intervening 24 hours, but – given that it’s mostly cosmetic – I’m finally coming to grips with my first-world problems.

On the plus-side, some pretty amazing progress was made tonight: I broke the 10k barrier. That’s right, 10 motherfucking kilometres. It took an hour and eight minutes. Not super fast or anything, but definitely the farthest I’ve run in a long time.

The question now is, do I shoot for a longer distance, or try to speed up what I’ve done before? This is a question better suited for a better album.

Oh, and if you were looking for an answer to last post’s question – the answer is yes.


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